The Crossing (Signed Paperback)

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If you need some convincing, read on.

is a 251 page novel filled with stories of love, loss, heartache, and discovery. The second you pick up this book, you'll be pulled into a journey from coast to coast that features a cast of characters you'll swear you've met before.

But you're not just buying a story

This book has shelf appeal too. 

It features a beautifully illustrated cover and typographical layout that will draw you into the pages. The crafts-men-and-women who designed and edited this little book put just as much care and pride into their work as the author did in writing it. 

(Here's a picture of a happy reader holding this gorgeous little thing)

Now, you could go ahead and buy a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel, but if you buy it here, you're supporting me, the author, directly. 

When you support me directly, that means more profits. And more profits mean more time to write more words. Or edit more words (that's the tricky part really).

I promise I'll make it feel like Christmas

As a big thank-you for purchasing directly from me, I promise I'll make it worth your while.

First, I'll write a little message inside the book and sign it just for you.

Then, I'll write you a post card that you can send off to a friend (or keep for yourself -- whatever floats your boat).

Finally, I'll wrap the book up with paper and twine, just like they did back in the day.

When you receive it, it'll feel like getting a gift from an old friend. Better than an Amazon package, I promise.

Did I mention the story's good?

I was worried about it when I got the final version from my editor and sent it off to print. But over 700 people have read it and I haven't heard one complaint. 

One reader told me it reminded them of a cross-country trip they took when they were young and starry-eyed.

Another said, "I am reminded of a Peter Gabriel song that says ‘it’s only in uncertainty we are naked and alive,’" and then went on to call the book "existential" and "essential."

I don't know about you, but I like the sound of that.

Most people just comment on the characters. 

And most commonly...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

It's time to buy the damn book

You've made it this far. Must mean you like my writing or something.

Now's your chance. Scroll down a little further (or up -- it's around here somewhere), give the "I want this" button a firm tap, and fill out your details.

You'll get instant access to a digital file of the book so you can begin reading today.

In 2-3 weeks, you'll have your signed paperback and a one-of-a-kind postcard in hand.

C'mon. Make my day.

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The Crossing (Signed Paperback)

0 ratings
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